Harness Sphereing for Two – 29% OFF

If you know a thrill seeker whom you feel has lost his grip on sanity, consider a gift of Harness Sphereing, and if your thrill seeker friend knows someone else as crazy as he is, get the gift of Harness Sphereing for Two. For less than £50 your two friends can strap in to safety harnesses in a brilliant inflated sphere and experience the ride of being pushed off a hill, as the spheres are known to achieve almost 50 kph. Your friends will have the fun of spinning faster and faster, seeing the sky, then the ground, then the sky, etc.

Hopefully they will not be prone to motion sickness, especially since during this Harness Sphereing gift experience they will be strapped into the sphere facing each other. Of course, this way, they will be able to look into each other’s eyes as they get bigger and bigger in fear. The sphere itself is actually very safe; two clear heavy plastic spheres nestled together and joined by thousands of small ropes to keep the inner sphere squarely in the centre of the outer sphere. The air space is pressurized to provide additional coushion as the sphere bounces down the hill. Lastly, a five point harness will keep your friends securely in place and guarantee an injury free trip down a hill.

A few things to keep in mind as you purchase this Harness Sphereing gift of a life time: the minimum age is 12, but younger than 18 will need parental consent to ride and must be accompanied by an adult. Also, minimum height is 1.29m and maximum weight is 18 stone. Of course, this ride is not meant for the pregnant, hypertensives, epileptics, or those with back and neck problems. Also, your friends need to plan for an hour for this one of the lifetime experiences.