Pitts Special Aerobatic Biplane in Berkshire

You must have a friend who truly believes that the Royal Air Force missed out by not contacting him to train as a pilot. The same friend feels that roller coasters are just a bit tame and sedate. He probably also has been known to bungee jump and probably has a deep desire to try his hand at BASE jumping as well. For his next birthday or possibly for Christmas, consider getting him a voucher to fly on a Pitts Special.

The Pitts Special is one of the most famous aerobatic biplanes and in Berkshire near Maidenhead, he can take to the skies and try not to get motion sick as Alan Cassidy, aerobatics champion, pilots the craft. Cassidy will show your friend just why the RAF did not suffer an oversight as he performs loop-the-loops, barrel rolls, wingovers, Cuban 8s and even a stall or two, all the while somehow keeping the plane in the air.

The experience begins with a pre-flight safety briefing explaining the principles of aerobatic flying after which the pilot will begin the flight and provide a running commentary for your friend. He might even go completely insane and let your daring friend take the controls while in flight to attempt a loop. These flights are on sale for £149 and are available year round.

The flight lasts 20 minutes including taxi, take-off, and landing and has a maximum speed of 203 mph with a roll rate of 200 degrees per second and an acceleration range of +6g to -3g. Keep in mind, that maximum height is 6 feet and maximum weight is 14 stone. Also, your friend must be older than 16 years and in good physical health… mental health will already be suspect. The airfield is located on a picturesque estate 35 miles from London in the Berkshire countryside.

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