Tour of the Olympic Site with Lunch at Forman’s Restaurants

Construction of the crown jewel of the 2012 London games is the Olympic Stadium at Marshgate Lane in Stratford was completed on 29 March, and it is now waiting to be introduced to the world on 27 July 2012. Built to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable stadium ever built, London Olympic Stadium is 75% lighter than other stadiums by keeping steel and concrete use to a minimum. The Stadium has a seating capacity of 80,000 screaming fans for the games, athletic changing rooms, medical support facilities, and a warm-up track. Surrounding the stadium is a podium containing refreshment and merchandising stations for the fans to obtain their Olympic memories. The stadium was designed with flexibly in mind and can be heavily modified to fit most athletic and cultural events, and following the Closing Ceremonies on 12 August 2012, West Ham United and the English Premier League will assume ownership of the stadium.

Capitalising on the stadium’s soon to be role as a centre of activity, Forman’s of London has open a riverside restaurant and bar specialising in its famous smoked salmon and classical British foods. Forman’s of London was rated by the Times as having the “best view” of the Olympic Stadium and during the Olympics will be a hub of activity for the festivities.

While waiting for the games to start, consider giving your friends the gift of lunch at Forman’s and a tour of the Olympic Park. For £75, and a scant four hours of a Saturday afternoon, your friends will receive a three course meal and a tour where they will learn all there is to know about the construction and development of the site. Be sure to tell your friends to wear comfy shoes because there is a lot of walking on this tour.


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