April 25, 2012The Harry Potter Studio Tour Gift Experience
The Harry Potter Studio Tour Gift Experience

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is an adventure for fans of the thrilling Harry Potter films. Located on set at Warner Brothers Studios in Hertfordshire, London, this three hour walking tour takes visitors behind the scenes of the Harry Potter franchise. Tour sets like Professor Dumbledore’s office, Privet Drive and the Great Hall, dine and shop on Diagon Alley, and witness Harry Potter history in the making.

Upon arriving at the tour, guests are split into groups with friendly and informative guides. However, there is no rush during the experience, as each feature is meant to be admired. All guests are allowed to take photos at will, but flash photography is prohibited to limit distractions. Some exhibits include video presentations with the cast and crew of the films, and an audio guide book is available to further explain the history of different attractions.

There are several interactive activities for guests to participate in. The Broomstick Flying Experience puts visitors on a broomstick in front of a green screen, and the skies over Hogwarts are digitally imposed in the background for a souvenir photo. This experience can also be mirrored with Ron Weasley’s Ford Anglia. Midway through the tour, guests can visit a refreshing stand selling Harry and friend’s favorite sweet drink, Butterbeer. To add to the interactive excitement, fifteen Golden Snitches are suspended throughout the exhibits and the challenge of spotting them all makes guest feel even more like a part of Harry Potter’s world.

History buffs will marvel at the section of the tour with authentic props, concept art, and animatronic models of various Hogwarts’ monsters. Visitors exit through the gift shop where they can purchase their favorite character’s wands, as well as sweets made famous by the books and movies.

A Studio Tour Gift Experience is also offered by participating websites. With these packages, visitors can enjoy a reduced admission price with tea or dinner at nearby restaurants.


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