Father’s Day Driving Gifts

Fathers Day is nearly here, and with it, the anxiety over what to get for dear old dad this year. He already has that nice pen set, more ties than he will ever wear, and while you could take him out for a nice dinner, didn’t you do that last year? Instead, give him a truly unique Fathers Day Gift: the driving experience of a lifetime.

There are driving experience packages to interest all drivers: from those who prefer leisure to those who want an adrenaline rush, those who want something outrageous and those who prefer something more practical.

For the more practical minded father, a skid control course could be perfect. Both exciting and functional, this course simulates loss-of-control situations and helps teach the driver how to regain and maintain control of their vehicle. These skills can easily be applied to real-world driving situations. Likewise, a Introductory Off Road Driving experience will teach dad the ins and outs of tackling some iffy off-road situations.

On the opposite end of the scale, you can find exciting but entirely impractical gifts. Why not send dad on a Segway Rally Experience or a Segway Adventure Tour? A stint at Auto Stunt School will teach dad all he’ll never need to know about driving double-decker cars and taking part in high speed shootouts. If you want to pull out the big guns, you can give dad a full day of playing with dump trucks, bulldozers, and excavators at Diggerland.

There are numerous driving experiences available for the race fan as well. The Silverstone Single Seater Experience gives dad the chance to tackle the Silverstone track, home of the British Grand Prix. The Introduction to Motor Racing lets dad take a single-seater around the Rockingham Motor Speedway. For the Formula One lover, there’s the Monte Carlo F1 Driving Experience. For a different sort of racing, send dad on a Go Karting adventure.

Finally, your father may be the type who lusts after those cars he can’t afford (something we’ve all done). For him, there are endless luxury, sport, and supercar experiences. The Ferrari Thrill, Subaru Thrill, Silverstone Lotus Exige and numerous other experiences will give dad a chance to drive some rare and powerful vehicles.

These experience packages come in all price ranges, and can be enjoyed solo or with family or friends. Any of them will prove to be the Fathers Day gift he never forgets, click here to view all our Driving Gift Experiences

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