Wimbledon Tennis Tour

Wimbledon is the icon of British tennis with the tennis event of the year taking place at Wimbledon tennis courts every summer. You can now take a tour of Wimbledon and get up close to the courts where all the action takes place year after year!

The Wimbledon Tennis Tour, at a budget friendly £20 per person is the perfect gift idea for anyone who is a tennis fan! The tour starts by taking you behind the scenes of Wimbledon and onto the No 1 and Centre courts giving you a different look to what you would normally experience as a spectator. Away from the courts you will get to see the picnic terraces, press interview room, water gardens and Millennium building where you might just spot some tennis stars! The tour is hosted by tour guides who know the courts, the history and lots of fun titbits inside out and can really give you a new look and insider view of the famous Wimbledon.

After the guided tour of the courts and backstage you will then be able to finish off your experience at the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum. The museum gives you the opportunity to learn about the history of the court and the sport from its roots as a simple past time to its current format of a worldwide professional sport which attracts fans from all over the world. Along with a series of exhibitions, art and memorabilia from as far back as the 1500s there is also a series of education films such as The Science of Tennis and footage showcasing some of the most memorable highlights from Wimbledon. This is the ultimate tennis museum in the United Kingdom and is consider a must visit for any tennis fan!

The tour will take around 2.5 hours, depending on how long you wish to spend in the museum. There are a limited schedule of tours which take place throughout the year however there are none during the Wimbledon tournament so it is important to book your tour as far in advance as possible and two weeks at the minimum.

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Spirit of Chartwell Sunday Lunch River Cruise for Two

A cruise on The River Thames with Sunday lunch could just be the best way to spend your Sunday afternoon!

The Sunday lunch River Thames cruise takes place on the Spirit of Chartwell, a luxurious boat which is full of spectacular history, designed to replicate the glamour from the Cote d’Azur Pullman railway carriage and even includes various artefacts and statement pieces from the carriage and other important, historic trains and ships such as the RMS Windsor Castle.

In more recent times the Spirit of Chartwell has been making history by being a part of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Pageant in 2012. The Spirit of Chartwell was the focal point of 1000 boats in the pageant decorated to resemble an 18th century royal barge, carrying the Queen, The Duke of Edinburgh and other members of the Royal Family down the Thames.

The Spirit of Chartwell cruise for two begins at 11am at Canary Wharf with the exquisite champagne reception to enjoy whilst travelling down the Thames. You have the option of listening to a journey guide if you wish to know more about the sights on the side of the Thames.
The Sunday lunch on board the Spirit of Chartwell consists of three courses which is freshly prepared on the ship with special diets catered for if you advise the ship when booking your table.

After lunch the cruise will take a short stop at Greenwich where it will then make its return to Canary Wharf. On the return leg of the cruise you will be served with high tea which is a selection of sandwiches, scones, cakes and luxury chocolates.

The experience is for two people and the seats are situated on a table for six, if you wish you can upgrade to a table for two when you make your booking. The Thames cruise in total takes 5 hours and finishes at Canary Wharf at 4pm.

If you want to view London from the Thames and dine on a ship which is fit for the Queen then this is definitely the London gift experience for you!

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Manchester City Stadium Tours

Manchester City Football Club has a huge following of fans from all over the world that would love to be a part of the action put on by the club. They now can with the Manchester City Stadium Tour, which tours the home ground of the recent Premier League Champion Manchester City F.C. Etihad Stadium.

Fans of Manchester City can spend an hour visiting several different areas of the stadium, located in Lancashire. Throughout the tour, visitors can get up close and personal with the pitch level, as well as the dressing rooms, director’s box, and dug outs. The stadium has state-of-the-art features that are recognised worldwide as some of the best in stadium architecture and design. Costing a total of 154 million pounds, the stadium holds over 47,000 football fans per game, and has recently gone through a series of hospitality and playing surface upgrades.

The amazing stature of the stadium and the ongoing upgrades ensure that the facility stays at the top of the list of athletic facilities for years to come. In addition to being the home of Manchester City F.C., the stadium has hosted the 2002 Commonwealth Games, the 2008 UEFA Cup Finals, rugby league games, high-profile concerts, and boxing title matches.

The Etihad Stadium has the ability to expand and contract for the specific sporting events it hosts. For example, a portion of the stadium’s pitch may be closed off for renovations while a concert or other sporting event is occupying the rest of the surface area.

Transportation to the stadium will now be easier than ever, with the opening of the Etihad Campus Metrolink Station, which fans and tourists can use as of the 2012-2013 playing season. This is in addition to the railway stations at Ashburys and Manchester Piccadilly, which also help people get in and out of the stadium for tours and events.

The family tour of Manchester City Stadium is for two adults and up to two children under 16 years old. The tour costs only £25.00, and can be taken any day of the week, although times do vary on Sundays and bank holidays. There are three different times each day when the tour takes off, with the first tour starting late morning and the final tour starting late afternoon. It is encouraged that guests research ahead and also allow approximately 15 minutes for checking in at the stadium.



Stamford Bridge Stadium Tour

Chelsea is one of the premier football clubs in the Premier League, and have qualified for the final of the 2012 UEFA Champions League. A win would be Chelsea’s first in the event after making round 16 for the past nine years. The club nearly won the competition in 2008, beaten by rivals Manchester United in the final.

Guided tours of Chelsea’s home stadium, Stamford Bridge, last about an hour and are offered every day except for days that the club plays a home game. The only one left this season is May 13, the final contest of the 2011-12 Premier League season versus Blackburn Rovers.

Those taking the tour will enjoy visiting the pitch, both of the dressing rooms and the media facilities. When visiting these areas, it is easy to imagine them full of life with players and members of the press. The price of the tour also includes a visit to the club’s museum.

Tours are available 11 times a day with start times ranging from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. The museum is open from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. with no entry allowed past 4 p.m. On May 13, the museum will close at 2 p.m., one hour prior to kick-off for that day’s game.

This historic stadium has been used by Chelsea since its founding in 1905. The ground had been home to London Athletics Club since 1877. The 41,837-seat facility previously had a capacity of about 100,000. A record 82,905 fans witnessed Arsenal pay a visit in 1935.

In addition to Chelsea’s home games, this incredible facility has played host to FA Cup semi-finals and finals and international games featuring the English national team. Other sports that have been played here include rugby union, baseball, greyhound racing, cricket and American football.



The Harry Potter Studio Tour Gift Experience

The Harry Potter Studio Tour is an adventure for fans of the thrilling Harry Potter films. Located on set at Warner Brothers Studios in Hertfordshire, London, this three hour walking tour takes visitors behind the scenes of the Harry Potter franchise. Tour sets like Professor Dumbledore’s office, Privet Drive and the Great Hall, dine and shop on Diagon Alley, and witness Harry Potter history in the making.

Upon arriving at the tour, guests are split into groups with friendly and informative guides. However, there is no rush during the experience, as each feature is meant to be admired. All guests are allowed to take photos at will, but flash photography is prohibited to limit distractions. Some exhibits include video presentations with the cast and crew of the films, and an audio guide book is available to further explain the history of different attractions.

There are several interactive activities for guests to participate in. The Broomstick Flying Experience puts visitors on a broomstick in front of a green screen, and the skies over Hogwarts are digitally imposed in the background for a souvenir photo. This experience can also be mirrored with Ron Weasley’s Ford Anglia. Midway through the tour, guests can visit a refreshing stand selling Harry and friend’s favorite sweet drink, Butterbeer. To add to the interactive excitement, fifteen Golden Snitches are suspended throughout the exhibits and the challenge of spotting them all makes guest feel even more like a part of Harry Potter’s world.

History buffs will marvel at the section of the tour with authentic props, concept art, and animatronic models of various Hogwarts’ monsters. Visitors exit through the gift shop where they can purchase their favorite character’s wands, as well as sweets made famous by the books and movies.

A Studio Tour Gift Experience is also offered by participating websites. With these packages, visitors can enjoy a reduced admission price with tea or dinner at nearby restaurants.



Pitts Special Aerobatic Biplane in Berkshire

You must have a friend who truly believes that the Royal Air Force missed out by not contacting him to train as a pilot. The same friend feels that roller coasters are just a bit tame and sedate. He probably also has been known to bungee jump and probably has a deep desire to try his hand at BASE jumping as well. For his next birthday or possibly for Christmas, consider getting him a voucher to fly on a Pitts Special.

The Pitts Special is one of the most famous aerobatic biplanes and in Berkshire near Maidenhead, he can take to the skies and try not to get motion sick as Alan Cassidy, aerobatics champion, pilots the craft. Cassidy will show your friend just why the RAF did not suffer an oversight as he performs loop-the-loops, barrel rolls, wingovers, Cuban 8s and even a stall or two, all the while somehow keeping the plane in the air.

The experience begins with a pre-flight safety briefing explaining the principles of aerobatic flying after which the pilot will begin the flight and provide a running commentary for your friend. He might even go completely insane and let your daring friend take the controls while in flight to attempt a loop. These flights are on sale for £149 and are available year round.

The flight lasts 20 minutes including taxi, take-off, and landing and has a maximum speed of 203 mph with a roll rate of 200 degrees per second and an acceleration range of +6g to -3g. Keep in mind, that maximum height is 6 feet and maximum weight is 14 stone. Also, your friend must be older than 16 years and in good physical health… mental health will already be suspect. The airfield is located on a picturesque estate 35 miles from London in the Berkshire countryside.

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Tour of the Olympic Site with Lunch at Forman’s Restaurants

Construction of the crown jewel of the 2012 London games is the Olympic Stadium at Marshgate Lane in Stratford was completed on 29 March, and it is now waiting to be introduced to the world on 27 July 2012. Built to be the most environmentally friendly and sustainable stadium ever built, London Olympic Stadium is 75% lighter than other stadiums by keeping steel and concrete use to a minimum. The Stadium has a seating capacity of 80,000 screaming fans for the games, athletic changing rooms, medical support facilities, and a warm-up track. Surrounding the stadium is a podium containing refreshment and merchandising stations for the fans to obtain their Olympic memories. The stadium was designed with flexibly in mind and can be heavily modified to fit most athletic and cultural events, and following the Closing Ceremonies on 12 August 2012, West Ham United and the English Premier League will assume ownership of the stadium.

Capitalising on the stadium’s soon to be role as a centre of activity, Forman’s of London has open a riverside restaurant and bar specialising in its famous smoked salmon and classical British foods. Forman’s of London was rated by the Times as having the “best view” of the Olympic Stadium and during the Olympics will be a hub of activity for the festivities.

While waiting for the games to start, consider giving your friends the gift of lunch at Forman’s and a tour of the Olympic Park. For £75, and a scant four hours of a Saturday afternoon, your friends will receive a three course meal and a tour where they will learn all there is to know about the construction and development of the site. Be sure to tell your friends to wear comfy shoes because there is a lot of walking on this tour.



Harness Sphereing for Two – 29% OFF

If you know a thrill seeker whom you feel has lost his grip on sanity, consider a gift of Harness Sphereing, and if your thrill seeker friend knows someone else as crazy as he is, get the gift of Harness Sphereing for Two. For less than £50 your two friends can strap in to safety harnesses in a brilliant inflated sphere and experience the ride of being pushed off a hill, as the spheres are known to achieve almost 50 kph. Your friends will have the fun of spinning faster and faster, seeing the sky, then the ground, then the sky, etc.

Hopefully they will not be prone to motion sickness, especially since during this Harness Sphereing gift experience they will be strapped into the sphere facing each other. Of course, this way, they will be able to look into each other’s eyes as they get bigger and bigger in fear. The sphere itself is actually very safe; two clear heavy plastic spheres nestled together and joined by thousands of small ropes to keep the inner sphere squarely in the centre of the outer sphere. The air space is pressurized to provide additional coushion as the sphere bounces down the hill. Lastly, a five point harness will keep your friends securely in place and guarantee an injury free trip down a hill.

A few things to keep in mind as you purchase this Harness Sphereing gift of a life time: the minimum age is 12, but younger than 18 will need parental consent to ride and must be accompanied by an adult. Also, minimum height is 1.29m and maximum weight is 18 stone. Of course, this ride is not meant for the pregnant, hypertensives, epileptics, or those with back and neck problems. Also, your friends need to plan for an hour for this one of the lifetime experiences.



Give the Gift of Magic: The Harry Potter London Bus Tour

Take two and a half hours of your next London trip and give your favorite Harry Potter fan the tour of a lifetime. Starting at the Temple underground station your fan will meet an expert in all things Potter and learn trivia about the filming locations, the characters, especially Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger, and the actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson. 12 Grimmauld Place is visited, and is actually visible to the muggles on the bus and the locations that the Leaky Cauldron and Gringotts Bank were filmed are also stops on the tour. The highlight of the tour is a stop at Kings Cross Station where the column between platforms nine and ten is seen, complete with the sign for Platform 9¾, however, running into the column to enter the platform is not recommended.

While you are on the luxury mini coach, animated discussions on the movies, filming and the actors will be taking place and all your questions can be answered. Of course, don’t forget your camera, because there is ample opportunities to take pictures and even be in a few as you stand before the sites and places in London. As you travel from place to place, also expect to see many muggle attractions of London as well, and the tour will wrap up at the London Eye, leading to a perfect time to ride on the world’s largest Farris Wheel.

The tour runs on selected Saturdays and Sundays between February and December and costs 30.00 pounds per ticket. Any age can ride the bus, but under age 12 requires adult supervision.



Father’s Day Driving Gifts

Fathers Day is nearly here, and with it, the anxiety over what to get for dear old dad this year. He already has that nice pen set, more ties than he will ever wear, and while you could take him out for a nice dinner, didn’t you do that last year? Instead, give him a truly unique Fathers Day Gift: the driving experience of a lifetime.

There are driving experience packages to interest all drivers: from those who prefer leisure to those who want an adrenaline rush, those who want something outrageous and those who prefer something more practical.

For the more practical minded father, a skid control course could be perfect. Both exciting and functional, this course simulates loss-of-control situations and helps teach the driver how to regain and maintain control of their vehicle. These skills can easily be applied to real-world driving situations. Likewise, a Introductory Off Road Driving experience will teach dad the ins and outs of tackling some iffy off-road situations.

On the opposite end of the scale, you can find exciting but entirely impractical gifts. Why not send dad on a Segway Rally Experience or a Segway Adventure Tour? A stint at Auto Stunt School will teach dad all he’ll never need to know about driving double-decker cars and taking part in high speed shootouts. If you want to pull out the big guns, you can give dad a full day of playing with dump trucks, bulldozers, and excavators at Diggerland.

There are numerous driving experiences available for the race fan as well. The Silverstone Single Seater Experience gives dad the chance to tackle the Silverstone track, home of the British Grand Prix. The Introduction to Motor Racing lets dad take a single-seater around the Rockingham Motor Speedway. For the Formula One lover, there’s the Monte Carlo F1 Driving Experience. For a different sort of racing, send dad on a Go Karting adventure.

Finally, your father may be the type who lusts after those cars he can’t afford (something we’ve all done). For him, there are endless luxury, sport, and supercar experiences. The Ferrari Thrill, Subaru Thrill, Silverstone Lotus Exige and numerous other experiences will give dad a chance to drive some rare and powerful vehicles.

These experience packages come in all price ranges, and can be enjoyed solo or with family or friends. Any of them will prove to be the Fathers Day gift he never forgets, click here to view all our Driving Gift Experiences